History & Background

                      Trans Peninsula is a leading pharmaceutical distributor operating in the Sultanate of Oman & UAE. It is the pharma division of Global Source Trading LLC, an ISO- 9001 company based in Muscat. We supply pharmaceutical products, medical devices and equipment, consumer healthcare, and veterinary products to customers in both Government and private hospitals throughout the Sultanate of Oman & UAE. We believe in creating lasting relationships with our partners and customers, based on honesty and trust.

Company Overview

          Trans Peninsula was established in 2011 in Oman and is the leading company in distribution of diverse portfolio of pharmaceuticals products. Trans Peninsula is a privately owned company. Our head office is located in the center of Oman capital Muscat and we operate in both Oman and UAE.

Our Vision & Mission

We Strive to be an excelling market leader in all our diversified product range. Providing high-quality pharmaceutical products and services to healthcare institutions across Oman & UAE, with a focus on reliability, safety, and affordability.

What we do?

Distribution & Supply chain

In Oman, our operational hub is strategically situated in Muscat, ensuring close proximity to all our valued customers. At the heart of our business model lies a commitment to efficient supply chain management. This commitment manifests in several key areas. Firstly, we prioritize sourcing by establishing strong collaborations with renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers, ensuring the quality and reliability of our products. Secondly, our emphasis on inventory management involves real-time tracking and meticulous control of stock levels, allowing us to maintain optimal supplies and respond swiftly to market demands. Lastly, our order processing system is streamlined and highly responsive, facilitating quick and reliable deliveries to meet the needs of our clientele. By focusing on these core elements, we aim to provide a seamless and reliable experience for our customers in the pharmaceutical sector in Oman.

Logistics, warehouses & delivery

At Trans Peninsula, our unwavering commitment centers on ensuring the timely and reliable delivery of pharmaceutical products. To uphold the integrity and efficacy of these critical supplies, our facilities feature separate storage areas meticulously calibrated for varying temperature requirements. Specifically, we maintain controlled environments for room temperature storage (air-conditioned with temperatures ranging from 15-25°C) and cold storage (maintained at 2-8°C). Our logistics infrastructure is meticulously designed to facilitate the seamless and efficient distribution of pharmaceutical goods. We take pride in our modern fleet of specialized vehicles equipped for safe temperature-controlled transportation. This ensures that products are not only received and stored under optimal conditions but are also transported and supplied to customers in adherence to recommended storage specifications. To further enhance our operational efficiency, we employ advanced route optimization software, enabling precise planning and execution for timely deliveries. Through these comprehensive measures, Trans Peninsula aims to set industry standards in the reliable and secure distribution of pharmaceuticals.

Sales & Marketing

Our approach encompasses key pillars in the pharmaceutical domain. Market research guides us in understanding customer preferences and market trends, while product promotion involves crafting compelling materials and strategic marketing. Sales force management ensures optimal team performance through regular training, and key account management maintains strong customer relationships. Engaging healthcare professionals is prioritized, with educational initiatives and events. Regulatory compliance is non-negotiable, and our data-driven sales analytics enables informed decision-making, optimizing strategies and forecasting trends. This holistic strategy ensures our impactful presence, compliance, and sustained growth in the pharmaceutical industry.

Market Access

In our pre-registration sales initiatives, we prioritize Named Patient Sales and work towards formulary inclusion to enhance market access. Collaborating with partners, we actively engage stakeholders to increase disease awareness. Our strategy includes navigating regulatory pathways when necessary, ensuring a comprehensive approach to market access and stakeholder engagement. This multifaceted approach aims to establish a strong presence in the market, facilitating early access and fostering awareness among relevant stakeholders.


Quality assurance is a cornerstone at Trans Peninsula, underpinning the storage and distribution of medicines to consistently meet stringent safety and quality standards. Adherence to local Ministry of Health guidelines and industry regulations is paramount, with every activity in the process following detailed standard operating procedures. Our operations are characterized by a strong commitment to ethics and transparency, ensuring marketing and sales practices align with relevant laws and regulations. Proactively preventing, detecting, and resolving legal or policy breaches is integral to our approach, with regular policy reviews to mitigate compliance risks effectively. We foster a culture of reporting law violations among employees and uphold a zero-tolerance policy against bribery and corruption. Internal ethical codes and adherence to international standards guide our practices, complemented by partner-provided training on specific compliance requirements to ensure alignment with industry standards.

Regulatory Affairs and PV

Trans Peninsula remains steadfast in its commitment to regulatory compliance in the distribution of pharmaceutical products across Oman and the UAE. Our stringent adherence to licensing, pharmacovigilance, and environmental responsibility ensures the safety and integrity of the products we distribute. Our dedicated Pharmacovigilance team is vigilant in monitoring and promptly reporting adverse events associated with pharmaceutical products. This includes continuous monitoring of product safety, compliance with regional health authority regulations, filing ADR reports, informing principals, and providing feedback to concerned health authorities from the parent company. Through these proactive measures, we uphold the highest standards of safety and efficacy in the pharmaceuticals we distribute.