Soak the lenses in several drops of contact lens solutions to rinse each side in forth motion before wearing them into your eyes. Prepare sanitized lens-cases to restore the lenses upon removing them. Fill the cases with the same kind of solution, fresh solutions to keep the lens hydrated while stored. Never use saliva, home – made saline, and/or tap-water to disinfect and hydrate the lenses. Upon restoration, fresh new solution must always be used.

Bella Contact Lenses are monthly contact lenses intended for daily use – up to a maximum 90 days upon opening the packs.

Remove the lenses, clean them with fresh new solutions and wear them again. If the redness with feeling of irritation persists, you will need to change the lenses. In the event that the symptoms remain despite doing as suggested above, please consult the nearest doctor, as it can be due to allergy from the lens material.

Remove the lenses and check whether you are wearing them properly (the lens shape should be “U” and not “V”). Should the feeling of discomfort stay, visit the nearest optic shop to check the lenses via the Slit Lamp to see if they move. If so, you’d need another lens with a different base curve.

Ensure that the lenses aren’t deformed or cut. If so, please visit the nearby optic shop to change them with new ones

Clean your lenses properly, wear them before putting on any type of make up to prevent any particles to be driven into your eyes whilst wearing the lenses. Should the foggy vision persist, please ask for replacement lenses.